Our Editorial Team
Our Editorial Team

Leona Vaughn

Everyday Health Staff

Leona was born and raised in Seattle, where she also completed her undergraduate degree in journalism at the University of Washington (UW). During her time at UW, she worked as a freelance writer for her school newspaper, The Daily UW, where she wrote stories about mental health and wellness. Leona was also an editorial intern for The Seattle Globalist, a local news outlet, where she focused most of her writing on issues of race and diversity.

Toward the end of her undergraduate career, Leona tried her hand at political reporting and covered the legislative session in Olympia, Washington, where...


Mental health


  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, University of Washington in Seattle
  • Master of Science in Journalism, Columbia Journalism School

Best Health Tip

Make sure you’re drinking enough water during the day to stay hydrated. Get enough sleep — your body and mind both need rest! Make time for things that make you happy, such as seeing friends or treating yourself to a coffee.

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