Healthy food company upset customers by naming a meal 'thigh gap'
(Picture: @AmyChurchman1)

We thought the obsession with having a thigh gap had gone out with Ugg boots. 

Bloggers took it on. Nutritionists weighed in. Everyone collectively agreed that a thigh gap was a mad thing to aim for, that it mostly depended on the orientation of your hips, and then we all got on with out lives.

So why healthy eating company Protein Haus decided to name one of their meals ‘thigh gap’ is hard to fathom.

The meal consists of asparagus, ground beef and two halves of a tomato. It’s a healthy, balanced, if carb-less meal and if that’s what you want to eat for supper then more power to you.

Amy Churchman took to the Twitter to share her displeasure at the name of the meal: Diet Food, thigh gap.

Amy shared a picture of the low carb, 210 calorie meal writing ‘…You should be ashamed of yourself. Thigh gap? Didn’t we leave this in 2016?’

Body positive influencer and model Felicity Hayward then also shared the picture, echoing Amy’s sentiment.

Protein Haus have not yet commented on social media, though to be fair to them they’re not prolific Twitter users so may not yet be aware of the Twitter-storm. contacted Protein Haus for comment, but they had not yet responded at time of publication. 

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