A fitness Instagrammer's side-by-side photo proves there's no such thing as 'good' and 'bad' food

“This is not another ‘bloating is normal, love your body’ kind of pic,” she wrote in the caption. She created the post in response to her previous post about “healthy” foods. “A lot of people blamed me for not eating broccoli or apples,” she wrote. “But this is what happen[s] when I eat a f—— apple. No, bloating is not ‘normal.'”

Listening to her body and taking a food sensitivity test helped her determine exactly which foods her body finds intolerable. Aubery told INSIDER in an e-mail that her best advice for people struggling with similar bloating and digestion issues is to listen to your body and change or adapt from there.

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She hopes that her posts help people realize that it’s “OK not to feel fabulous every second of your life.”

“We tend to think perfection has become the norm because this is all we see through the lens of social media,” she said. “But [the] truth is, it is not, and that should not make us bad about ourselves, nor despise our bodies for it.”

Aubery also talked about the popularity of these “reality posts” on social media.

“I think it is a great thing. But I also think it can have the opposite effect of what is originally intended because when ‘reality’ is actually still very flattering, it makes us feel even worse about ourselves,” she said.

That’s why she wanted to be honest about not only her food choices buy why she is standing by her food and diet preferences.

Aubery’s posts show that you shouldn’t feel guilty when it comes to your body — whether that be what your eating, what you look like, or how you’re feeling. The most important thing is to do what works for you and makes you feel healthy.

Read Aubery’s full caption here:

YUP, YOU READ RIGHT. No, I haven’t lost my mind. I did not mix up the titles. Because most pictures you see on Instagram, advising you what to eat, how to lose weight or god knows what else, forget one very simple important thing: we are all different. Meaning, what I can eat to function optimally won’t be the same as you. I don’t digest neither Greek yogurt, broccoli, chickpeas, nor apples. This was like a curse to me at first because I love of all of these foods. But trust me, given how poor I am after eating them, I learned to focus on the foods my body tolerates. Which includes pastas, chocolate, toast, and cereals. This is why you can see these foods on my feed. Someone might think “Lol, she’s supposed to eat healthy but she’s eating chocolate” – WELL MY FWIEND, this is what being healthy means. Eating what you fit your needs, your tastes, and your body. And for that, no picture can make it up for you

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